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When I grow up I want to be an artisan

Italian schools discover craftsmanship with Boarini Milanesi

A day in the life of an Italian craftsman. This is what children and teenagers aged 8 to 14 experience at school in Italy, thanks to a no-profit initiative promoted by BOARINI MILANESI.
This project’s aim is to raise awareness on the importance of a fundamental piece of Italian heritage: craftsmanship.

Children are guided through the creation of an entirely handmade keychain. Using the finest Italian leather and ancient craftsmanship techniques, handed down in centuries from generation to generation, students discover the art (and the pleasure) of creating an object using nothing but their own hands.
Ask anyone in the world what “Made in Italy” stands for and the replies will be all the same: unmatched quality and unique savoir-faire. This initative goes way beyond that, as it also highlights the value of “Made in Italy” as a social force within the economy, teaching the young generations the importance of combining ethics and creativity.