A woman’s bag is an object of vital importance. It is like a self portrait, a friend, an emergency room, an authentic alter-ego of her own identity. This is the reason why women never leave their house without their bag, exactly as they wanted and organised it. Each bag reflects some distinctive characteristics of its wearer: briefcases are meticulous and focused, a handbag is elegant and refined, cross body bags are brave and dynamic, a clutch is sophisticated and seducing, backpacks are practical and reliable. For a long time in history, bags were used only by men to carry tools and money.

The 20th century marked a turning point in the history of women: they started to go out more and manage their own money, thus needing a bag. Women’s bags are the emblem of a historical change, marking the beginning of women’s liberation. Fast forward to today and you will often find women taking care of men’s personal belongings such as their phone, their wallet, etc. and storing everything in their bag!
Bags celebrate women’s conquests of the past and carry those of the future. Always, elegantly, at every woman’s side.