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At the Maison’s workshop, our master craftsmen work at a painstakingly slow pace, fully committed to achieving excellence. This amounts to producing impeccable handbags of a much higher quality, in significantly lower quantities.



This is the essence of sustainability at Maison Boarini Milanesi. Since we firmly believe that if we each make a conscious effort to buy less and choose items of exceptional quality, we can make a real difference to our planet.

Our commitment to the planet

Our approach is to go “slow”

We believe every Boarini Milanesi handbag should be “timeless” rather than “fashionable.” This is why our master craftsmen dedicate up to 40 hours to each and every handbag, handcrafting impeccable pieces that will last a lifetime.
This is the only way we can ensure that a person choosing Boarini Milanesi is acquiring the lifetime value of a timeless piece, which will not be out of fashion within a season. It is a sustainable choice, to protect the planet.

Our business model limits waste

Every Boarini Milanesi handbag is made exclusively for each client. We can dramatically reduce waste, since we only purchase the materials needed for each order. In addition, we never have any unsold items that need to be destroyed.
Similarly, we scrupulously choose the very best hides and exotic leathers from certified farms. Our aim is make optimal use of our materials, to keep waste to an absolute minimum and thereby reduce our impact on the environment.

We choose natural materials, limiting our use of plastic

All Boarini Milanesi handbags have a strong inner membrane made of the best quality hide from Tuscany, which is responsibly vegetable-tanned. It is an age-old material and highly durable, ensuring our handbags are made to last. It also means we can limit the use of petroleum-based products, such as plastic, to an absolute minimum.
Similarly, we prefer to use natural materials in our packaging, such as wool and cashmere, instead of acrylics, to further reduce our impact on the environment.

Reducing our environmental impact

We use some of the most precious natural resources, such as the finest leathers, natural hides and gemstones to make our handbags. Through the savoir-faire of our master craftsmen, we ensure these precious materials are used responsibly. We recognise they are meant for safekeeping and take this responsiblity seriously. We blend antique techniques with avant-garde assembly methods, to ensure we are optimising the use of our precious resources and reducing our environmental impact.

Responsible sourcing and full traceability

We believe you cannot speak about sustainability, unless you fully commit to it across the whole supply chain. Our preferred suppliers come under scrutiny, to ensure they share our values and meet the requisite regulatory standards.
Through frequent inspections from the competent authorities and the required authorisations, we scrupulously adhere to the protocols imposed under CITES, otherwise known as the “Washington Convention for the protection of endangered species or those under threat of extinction.”
An impeccable tracking system is used for protected species such as crocodile, alligator, python and lizard. A unique identity code is assigned to each item, so that the leather can be traced fully. From the animal’s birth to the farm it was raised, to the tannery where the leather was dyed, and all the way through the assembly process to its transformation into a beautiful Boarini Milanesi handbag, and finally on to the client for safekeeping.

Our commitment to our people

We value our people

We value our people, greatly. We know they make a real difference every day, through their commitment, extreme precision, kindness and savoir-faire. We are committed to ensuring every person at Boarini Milanesi is respected and feels valued in a positive working environment.
At our headquarters, we take a few moments every afternoon, to join a group stretching session, releasing tight muscles and relaxing a short while. In addition, we arrange enjoyable activities outside work, so that we can be a strong team, first and foremost.

Preserving human dignity through craftsmanship

We firmly believe the exceptional craftsmanship of Boarini Milanesi artisans elevates mankind and his craft. Every creation is imbued with the incredible passion of master craftsmen, dedicating many hours to their work throughout the assembly process, which is painstakingly slow. It requires extreme precision and an extraordinary dexterity, as each piece is handcrafted to exacting standards.
At the Maison’s workshop, creating such unique works reaffirms our human dignity. It allows master craftsmen to dedicate themselves to the noble art of leather making, knowing they are valued and absolutely essential to the process.

Our commitment to mankind

Exceptional Italian craftsmanship for future generations

We believe exceptional Italian craftsmanship is something worth imparting to future generations.
This is why we are committed to preserving this incredible craftsmanship not just in the Masion’s own workshop, but also in the wider community. Even the youngest members of society should come to know the true value of artisanal leather making. So that when they are older, they will choose to uphold this noble art, with even greater resolve.
Fully funded by Maison Boarini Milanesi, training workshops are organised all over Italy, to allow schoolchildren to enter the magical universe of artisan leather making.



Sustainable use of alligator and crocodile leather


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