Interview with the founders

The idea

In 2016, after years spent doing research, Carolina Boarini and Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi open the doors of the Maison that carries their names, Boarini Milanesi, of which they are founders and designers.
Here are the answers to the questions they are most frequently asked.

How was the idea born? And why did you choose bags?

“The idea has always been there, it just needed a small flicker and the passion of both of us for a great project” – says Carolina Boarini, whose mother has always been talented in designing clothes, even though she has never made a job out of it.
When she was a little girl, Carolina used to add shoes and bags to her mother’s drawings. Growing up, this hobby became secondary and the sketches were put in a drawer.
Years later, it was Matteo who found one of the drawings and thought it had potential. After having adjusted it with his touch, he showed the result to Carolina and, both excited, they decided it would become a lot more than just a drawing. This is how the first model of Boarini Milanesi collection was born: Maestà.

Why doesn’t Boarini Milanesi have any shops?

Boarini Milanesi chose to approach its clients in a new way, not making its bags available in regular shops. The brand believes that the relationship with each client has to be taken care of to the last detail.
For this reason, the Maison arranges private appointments with its clients, offering them the exclusivity of a shopping experience organized especially for them, the uniqueness of a runway show that only they can take part in and the pleasure of discovering an unknown universe, unveiled right before their eyes. All this would not be possible in a regular shop.
Private appointments can be booked in some Italian and European cities, such as Milan, Venice, Turin, London, Montecarlo and in Switzerland.
Of course the authentic Boarini Milanesi experience takes place in Bologna, the brand’s hometown. Here, in the heart of the medieval city, you can find the only Boarini Milanesi showroom in the world: Templum, an elegant and sophisticated space, a true temple of luxury bags.

Who takes care of the production of the bags?

The entire creation process of every Boarini Milanesi bag takes place in Italy. The brand relies on master craftsmen, with many years of experience in leather goods manufacturing.
The Maison, with its artisans, chose to rediscover ancient tecniques of Italian craftsmanship that today are almost completely fotgotten, such as the use of natural leather to make the internal structure of the bag.
Leather, instead of sythetic materials, is a lot less subject to wear and tear and guarantees a longer life to the bag. It is salso a “living” material that can be shaped depending on how the owner wears the bag; in a certain way it adapts itself to and lives with its owner.
In order to guarantee the highest quality standards, it is necessary that both the materials used and the manufacturing tecniques are excellent.
This is the reason why each skin is personally handpicked by the founders, who also select the master craftsmen and follow each step of the creation process. This gives life to impeccable results.

What is the secret of Boarini Milanesi’s success?

There is no one answer to this question. Boarini Milanesi’s secret was to believe that we could create something extraordinary and to have the tenacity to face all challenges.
The product and the format chosen by the brand have certainly contributed in raising interest in a luxury market that values the experience, today more than ever.
The great passion upon which the foundations of the brand are built has been an essential ingredient that has never been questioned, almost like a compass leading towards the destination.
Today Boarini Milanesi has reached an important stage of its path and heads towards its goal, with the same enthusiasm and the same passion that have always distinguished the Maison.