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Social responsibility

Boarini Milanesi deeply believes in the great value of the people that work inside the brand. The fair management of human resources contributes significantly to the success of the entire firm and also increases everyone’s skills and expands the firm’s horizons.
At Boarini Milanesi each employee is treated with respect and dignity in an evironnement based on support and comprehension.
Boarini Milanesi believes in the young generation and in creating high quality jobs.

This is reflected in the adoption of company programs designed to support young talents working in different fields (photography, video editing, web and graphic design, etc.) who can benefit from a valuable work experience and international visibility. Furthermore, the Maison has always been committed to hiring newly graduates and taking care of their training. Boarini Milanesi supports local businesses operating in the field of quality “Made in Italy”, from leather manufactures, to metallic hardware producers, to packaging firms, etc.