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Responsible supply chain

At Boarini Milanesi excellence means quality, elegance and style, but also commitment in promoting and supporting a reliable supply chain, respectful of the rights of the individual and of the environment.
The relationship between Boarini Milanesi and its suppliers goes beyond the mere sphere of business.
It includes the sharing of best practices, in order to guarantee a responsible and sustainable business development, following the key principles of Boarini Milanesi Ethical Code. All suppliers are required by contract to agree and respect this code.
Boarini Milanesi believes in the value of long-term business relationships, based on trust and on cooperation. The Maison always aims at establishing long-term relationships with those suppliers that guarantee reliability and at the same time share its values.

Furthermore Boarini Milanesi makes sure that all of its leather suppliers work in accordance with the existing laws regarding the protection of endangered species.
Every Boarini Milanesi supplier has to comply with the CITES Regulations in order to guarantee the origin of the leather and full respect of the above-mentioned regulations.
The leather used for the creation of Boarini Milanesi bags comes from authorized farms that undergo periodic examinations and possess the documents certifying compliance with all regulations regarding leather trading and human rights.